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Canola can face many threats in the first few weeks after emergence, including flea beetles. Keep scouting!

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  • May 26 quiz – Early-season damage

    Five damaged plants. Can you ID the... more


  • Damage ID: Cutworms or seedling diseases?

    Plants clipped off or that emerged then died off could be under attack from insects or seedling diseases. Or something else entirely. The Canola Diagnostic Tool at www.canoladiagnostictool.ca can help growers... more


  • Top 10 things to look for after emergence

    Scout a couple of times in the first few weeks after emergence, and look for: 1. Seeding issues. Check that the seeding job measured up to expectations, and if seeding equipment met the need. Look for... more


  • Weed management timing — scenarios

    Early weed control is preferred because nutrient and moisture taken up by weeds means less for the crop. Weeds emerging before the crop also compete for sunlight, which is an issue if those weeds canopy over... more


  • Spraying before a rain

    Spraying in the rain is not advised. Product washes off before it gets absorbed. However, spraying just before a rain — allowing enough time to satisfy label requirements — can provide effective control,... more


  • Tips for spraying in the wind

    How do you spray weeds in a timely fashion when every day seems too windy? Too windy, according to the Guide to Crop Protection, is wind above 15 km/h. But we know that some operators will go with winds of 20... more


  • Precipitation maps: How much? How little?

    Precipitation over the past week has been a big help for growers in many regions of the Prairies. These maps show precipitation in the past week and for April and May (to date). This map shows... more


  • Help for the reseeding decision

    When growers have canola stands of fewer than 4 plants per square foot — due to low seeding rates, poor seed survival, insects*, crusting, frost, wind, etc. — they grapple with the question whether to... more


  • 8 steps to make the right flea beetle decision

    While only a small percentage of canola fields tend to require flea beetle management in addition to seed treatment, all fields should be monitored to assess the potential threat. Begin monitoring right after... more


  • Coming events

    Saskatchewan Pancake breakfast — June 17 in Regina. To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, SaskCanola invites registered Saskatchewan canola producers to join its Board and Staff for a delicious pancake... more


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