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Canola can face many threats in the first few weeks after emergence, including flea beetles. Keep scouting!

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  • Five things you need to know about flea beetles

    Here are five important points to help with flea beetle scouting and management: 1. Flea beetle damage can advance quickly. The action threshold for flea beetles in canola is when average leaf area loss... more


  • May 28 Quiz — Insect ID

    Many, many insect species are present in canola fields, and only a few of them are pests. Erl Svendsen with AAFC in Saskatoon provided the five insect photos below. For this week's quiz, try to determine... more


  • Flea beetles feasting

    Striped flea beetles. Photo credit: Deanna McLennan Flea beetle pressure is quite high in many locations. Spraying may be necessary. If damage was quick and devastating, growers may face a reseeding... more


  • Top 10 things to look for after emergence

    Scout a couple of times in the first few weeks after emergence, and look for: 1. Seeding issues. Check that the seeding job measured up to expectations, and if seeding equipment met the need. Look for... more


  • Help for the reseeding decision — scenarios

    When growers have canola stands of fewer than 4 plants per square foot — due to low seeding rates, poor seed survival, insects, crusting, frost, wind, etc. — they grapple with the question whether to... more


  • Coming events

    canolaPALOOZA — June 23, Lacombe, Alberta. Spots are filling up fast. More information and registration. peacePALOOZA — June 25, Beaverlodge, Alberta. More information and registration. International... more


  • BLOG: Summer storage of canola

    The Canola Council, in collaboration with PAMI and the provincial canola grower commissions, is gathering information to help define best management practices for summer storage of canola. After comparing... more


  • Count plants

    When scouting, take time to assess the plant stand. The video below provides some good tips on how to count. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden;... more


  • Early in-crop herbicide: More profit with no added cost

    Here are the label stages for in-crop herbicide applications, by HT system. In-crop weed control should occur as early as possible since canola is much more vulnerable to weed competition prior to reaching... more


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