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  • Canola Watch quiz: Clubroot

    This quiz includes a link to the video "Clubroot of canola: Disease cycle" and the resources at clubroot.ca. Take time to learn as much as possible about this disease and how to stop... more


  • Clubroot: Scouting and CR seed decisions

    The number of confirmed clubroot cases continues to rise across central Alberta, in the southeast Peace Region and in Crop Districts 9A and 9B in Saskatchewan. Keep scouting. Clubroot has the potential to... more


  • Frost hits standing canola. What to do?

    You have two choices in this situation: Swath now or wait. Swathing now might prevent further seed loss if severe frost damage will soon cause pods to pop open and pedicels to snap. You could have shriveled... more


  • Seed: Plant counts influence buying decisions

    Get out there and count your canola stubble! Counting stubble density in the fall can help growers determine if their spring seeding rate was adequate to reach the crop’s yield potential. Canola generally... more


  • How to check bins

    Monitor bins closely during the first six weeks after harvest and then continue to check stored canola regularly until delivery. This is especially true for higher risk bins (those without aeration or that... more


  • Straight cutting tips for leaning and lodged crop

    Light lodging can actually help straight combining as it can “knit” the crop and reduce whipping in the wind. Crop with a heavy lean may require some trial and error to test the best angle of attack.... more


  • What is the best time for fall weed control?

    Fall is a good time to control perennial and winter annual weeds, but spraying immediately after harvest may not provide the best results. Perennial weeds cut off at harvest need time to accumulate new leaf... more


  • The right time for fall soil tests

    With results and recommendations in hand before the ground freezes, growers can use the winter months to plan their fertilizer programs for next year, to order fertilizer, and to take advantage of reduced... more


  • Coming events

    Saskatchewan Oilseed Producer Meetings – November 14, Moose Jaw; November 15, Swift Current; November 16, Rosetown; November 17, North Battleford. For the full agenda and location details and to register, go... more


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