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  • Snow on canola. What to do?

    Snow on swathed canola will delay harvest, just like a rain would. In mid- October, when it can be assumed that a return to more seasonal temperatures will occur, waiting it out may be the best option. Note... more


  • How to reduce fall N fertilizer losses

    The key strategy of fall fertilization is to store nitrogen over the winter in the ammonium form – which is held on clay and organic matter – and is referred to as stabilized N. Urea and anhydrous ammonia... more


  • Fall soil sampling and snow

    With results and recommendations in hand before the ground freezes, growers can use the winter months to plan their fertilizer programs for next year, to order fertilizer and to take advantage of reduced... more


  • Tips for drying tough and damp canola

    The ideal goal for safe long-term storage is to have canola rest in the bin at 8% moisture and less than 15°C. No matter how good the harvest weather or how dry the harvested crop, all canola should be... more


  • Spraying weeds after frost and snow

    When freezing temperatures stop fall weed control plans, snow is likely more of a help than a hindrance with respect to overall weed condition. The snow layer is likely to insulate the weed leaf material from... more


  • Looking for seed? CPT 2016 results coming soon

    If you are thinking about what to plant for next year, a great place to look for unbiased variety data that reflect actual production practices is the Canola Performance Trials website at... more


  • Use good data to evaluate products

    Decisions on what variety, nutrient or crop input product to buy are improved with good data. When looking for data, here are a few clues as to the quality of the data set: Replication. The more sites the... more


  • Register for Saskatchewan Oilseed Producer Meetings

    SaskCanola joins SaskFlax, SaskMustard and the Government of Saskatchewan in hosting the Saskatchewan Oilseed Producer Meetings at five locations: November 14 - Weyburn, Legion Hall, Agenda November 15 -... more


  • Powering Your Profits: Locations and registration

    Get the agronomy, marketing and management information you need to boost your bottom line at one of Alberta Canola's 12 Powering Your Profits events. Check the Alberta Canola events page for speakers... more


  • Coming events

    Western Forum on Pest Management — October 19-21, Wanuskewin Heritage Centre, Saskatoon. More information and registration. Canola Discovery Forum — October 25-27, Fairmont Hotel, Winnipeg, Man. Join us... more


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