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  • Dealing with ruts

    There are two problems with ruts in fields: 1. Ruts increase wear and tear on machinery, reduce operator comfort and disrupt the seed bed. They need to be filled in and levelled off before seeding in... more


  • The right nitrogen system for you

    Each farm will base its nitrogen application practices on time, labour, equipment and cost. Often losses in efficiency in one area can be compensated for by improvements in another. The "best" nitrogen (N)... more


  • Canola now worth $26.7 billion to Canadian economy

    A report released today, March 2, shows that canola’s value to the Canadian economy has tripled over the past decade to $26.7 billion a year. The canola industry generates a total of 250,000 jobs and $11.2... more


  • Spring harvest tips

    Combining is the best way to remove canola still in the field. Quality will likely be down, but it will still be worth something. If canola isn’t too tough and ground is still frozen, it may be worth a try... more


  • Wildlife go for grain bags

    Hungry wildlife may have discovered your grain bags and opened them up for a snack. With the ground still frozen, it may be a good time to empty bags if wildlife damage is evident and spoilage is... more


  • How to set up check strips

    Want to run check strips to see if a new product or technique will pay off on your farm? Here's how: 1. Keep it simple. Start with a question you want answered, such as: Will 50% more nitrogen increase my... more


  • Find your seeding rate at canolacalculator.ca

    The new Canola Calculator has two tools to help growers set seeding rates and plant stands that match seed size, risk factors and estimated seed survival. Target density calculator. Users position... more


  • Scouting tool kit

    In preparation for a season of effective scouting, gather these tools into your scouting tool kit. Smart phone With a phone, you can keep records, collaborate with others and take photos. Read more on... more


  • Coming events

    Soils & Crops Conference – March 6-7, Saskatoon Registration and information   canoLAB Manitoba – March 15-16, Dauphin, Manitoba Registration and information Read John Mayko's review of Alberta’s... more


  • Audio and video

    Canola Watch podcasts Subscribe through iTunes and Google Play. Swede midge video SaskCanola's monthly radio show. February 2017 SaskCanola's weekly radio show. February 22 February 15 Archived... more


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