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  • Canola Watch quiz – Cutworm

    Four questions to improve your cutworm scouting... more


  • Map of the Week – wind trajectories

    Forward trajectories from Mexicali, MX, predicted to end up in AB and SK. May 22. Source: AAFC Reverse trajectory from Gainsborough, SK, predicted to have come from southern California. May 22. Source:... more


  • Start scouting the week after seeding

    Start scouting around the time when emergence should occur. Normally by late May, warm soils, decent moisture and 1” seeding depth should produce emergence be about a week after seeding. However, dry... more


  • Quick note on spraying flea beetles in hot weather

    Synthetic pyrethroids (Decis, Matador/Silencer, for examples) benefit from late-day spraying because they should be applied when temperatures are below 25°C. Further reading: 9 steps to make the right... more


  • Top 10 weed spraying topics

    We dug into our vast vault of Canola Watch articles to put together this Top 10 list. Redroot pigweed and green foxtail. 1. Early weed control improves yield. Research has shown a yield advantage of 3... more


  • Bromoxynil not on dust-sensitive list

    In our article Tips for Spraying Weeds in Dusty Conditions, which was posted last week, we said three herbicide products are very dust-sensitive: glyphosate, diquat (Reglone and others) and bromoxynil.... more


  • A question for you, the reader

    On our Canola Watch planning call for this week, we were wondering "How long can canola seed sit in dry dusty soil before it dies or goes dormant?" We haven't found an answer yet. We assume, if conditions... more


  • Coming events

    Saskatchewan canolaPALOOZA June 25 AAFC Saskatoon Research Station. Information and registration Alberta canolaPALOOZA June 27 AAFC Lacombe Research and Development Centre Information and... more


  • Reseeding and dry conditions

    Wind losses, intense flea beetle feeding and slow emergence – each made worse by dry conditions – have some farmers wondering about reseeding. Keeping a thin stand is often the better option, but this... more


  • How deep is too deep to seed canola?

    As a general recommendation, growers should aim for 1/2” to 1” seed depth — even if dry — in early May and then consider going deeper to chase moisture in late May. In late May, soil temperature is... more


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