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  • New calculator matches seeding rate to risk factors

    The new Canola Calculator has two tools to help growers set seeding rates and plant stands that match seed size, risk factors and estimated seed survival. Target density calculator. Users position... more


  • New midge video

    The Canola Council of Canada has a new video describing swede midge, its life cycle and the damage it can cause canola crops in Western Canada. The video also mentions the new midge that is similar to but... more


  • CCC agronomy team priorities for 2017

    The 11 Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialist have set individual priorities for their 2017 communications. Here is your chance to identify the agronomist for your region and see the focus areas for the... more


  • Tips for final seed decisions

    When making final seed decisions, consider disease resistance, days to maturity, lodging, specialty oil traits and harvest traits in addition to yield to select varieties well suited to typical conditions on... more


  • Decide based on probabilities not previous year

    Weather conditions are rarely the same two years in a row. That is why making decisions based on the snow-extended harvest of 2016 may not be the best economic choice for 2017. For example, seeding a... more


  • What to do with canola still out there?

    Spring harvesting is the best way to remove canola still in the field. Quality will likely be down, but it will still be worth something. Growers may think of alternatives, but they're probably not as... more


  • New midge in canola

    Distorted canola growth thought to be from swede midge (Contarinia nasturtii) is likely caused by two separate midge species. Scientists were suspicious that two midge species were present in canola in Western... more


  • Blackleg survey results from 2016

    Each Prairie province does its own disease survey most years. The Manitoba Canola Disease Survey has been happening for over 15 years and tracks a variety of diseases. Alberta’s survey the past few years has... more


  • canoLAB 2017: Dates, locations and registration

    canoLAB has moved to new regions for 2017 and spots are filling up. Day 1 in Regina next week is SOLD OUT. Secure your spot today. canoLAB 2017 locations and dates are: Queensbury Convention Centre,... more


  • canolaPALOOZA 2017: Mark your calendar

    canolaPALOOZA is back for 2017, with expansion into Saskatchewan. Dates and locations are: June 20, AAFC Saskatoon, Saskatchewan June 22, AAFC Portage la Prairie, Manitoba June 27, AAFC Lacombe,... more


  • Answer key for CCA/CCSC exam

    The Canola Watch 2016 exam period for CCA/CCSC credit is over but you can still use the exam below for self study. Correct answers are shown after you click "submit" at the end. Or download the answer key: CCA... more


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