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May 16, 2018 - Issue 7

  • Canola Watch quiz – Flea beetle theme

    Crucifer and striped flea beetles are feeding together. Credit: Brent Wiebe Further reading: 9 steps to make the right flea beetle spray decision Canola Encyclopedia chapter on flea beetles PPMN... more


  • How deep is too deep to seed canola?

    As a general recommendation, aim for 1/2” to 1” seed depth — even if dry — in early May and then consider going deeper to chase moisture in late May. Later in May, soil temperature is consistently warm... more


  • Why limit seed-placed fertilizer?

    The safe recommendation for seed-placed fertilizer for canola is this: Apply no more than 20 lb./ac. of phosphate in the seed row. Place all other fertilizer, including extra required phosphate, in a side band... more


  • Map of the Week

    This map shows percent of average precipitation for April 1 to May 16, 2018. Areas in red have less than 40% of average. PDF version of map Find this map and more at the AAFC AgroClimate Maps... more


  • Sentinel Fields: Blackleg on residue at Enchant, AB

    By Autumn Barnes, CCC agronomy specialist for Alberta South Driving to my sentinel site south of Enchant (about 35 minutes north of Lethbridge, AB) on Friday, May 11, I couldn’t help but think about how... more


  • Tips for spraying weeds in dusty conditions

    Winter annual and perennial weed growth has been slow due to dry conditions. Emergence of annual weeds is low, so far, for the same reason. High winds have limited good spraying days. The result is that many... more


  • Tips for spraying in the wind

    How do you spray weeds in a timely fashion when every day seems too windy? Too windy, according to the Guide to Crop Protection, can be product specific but is generally above 15 km/h. Herbicide drift can... more


  • Dry today doesn’t mean “till” tomorrow

    Dry conditions across the Prairies have seen typical wet spots within many fields dry up and fields being broken up prior to seeding with tillage implements. Why? Typically soil erosion in Canada comes from... more


  • Spring frost: Take a few days to assess the situation

    Growers have two common questions after a spring frost: 1. Did the crop survive? (Do I need to reseed?) 2. When can I resume weed control? These seedlings look OK the morning after the frost, but four... more


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