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  • Sclerotinia: Risk factors and spray timing

    Risk factors: —Prevalence of sclerotinia stem rot has a direct correlation to above-average moisture. If a field has regular rains or high humidity or both from two weeks before flowering and through... more


  • Highlights from canolaPALOOZA in Lacombe

    Alberta Canola Producers Commission and the Canola Council of Canada hosted canolaPALOOZA at the AAFC Lacombe research centre on June 28. A lot of the agronomy messages were similar to the Portage la Prairie... more


  • Insect scouting: What may you find?

    While scouting for insects this week, you may find... Lygus on buds. Spraying lygus at this early stage rarely provides an economic benefit. Lygus do most of their damage at the pod stages. Scouting as the... more


  • Trying a new product?

    Heard good things about a new product and want to give it a try? Good practice is to try it on a few strips in a few fields over a few years. Mark the strips and compare yields for treated versus untreated... more


  • Early flower is weevil time

    Cabbage seedpod weevils do most of their damage by laying eggs in young pods. Larvae emerging from these eggs eat seeds inside the pods, causing the yield loss that can make cabbage seedpod weevil (CSPW) a... more


  • 7 causes for missing pods

    As canola starts to move from flowering and into pod formation, growers will often notice blanks up the raceme where pods did not form. Here are 7 possible reasons: Missing pods due to heat blast on... more


  • On-farm strip trials — tips

    Growers can use strip trials on their own farms to test how a particular practice or product performs in a local environment. A strip trial could test, for example, the difference between 60 pounds and 120... more


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