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Canola can face many threats in the first few weeks after emergence, including flea beetles. Keep scouting!

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  • May 21 Quiz — Reseeding

    Frost, wind, cold soils and in some cases excess moisture have reduced canola stands. Some growers are thinking about reseeding. This week's quiz provides some background to help with the... more


  • Top 10 things to look for after emergence

    Scout a couple of times in the first few weeks after emergence, and look for: 1. Seeding issues. Check that the seeding job measured up to expectations, and if seeding equipment met the need. Look for... more


  • Help for the reseeding decision — scenarios

    When growers have canola stands of fewer than 4 plants per square foot — due to low seeding rates, poor seed survival, insects, crusting, frost, wind, etc. — they grapple with the question whether to... more


  • How to assess frost damage on young canola

    After a frost, it can take a few days to accurately determine how many plants survived, and whether the stand is still uniform. Be patient before making any decisions. Check the whole crop the day after a... more


  • Insect update: Flea beetle thresholds and frost

    This seedling was munched by flea beetles then hit by frost. Credit: Samantha Sentes Flea beetles Flea beetle thresholds don’t change with frost, but frost may have changed the crop assessment... more


  • Seeding into moisture: How low to go?

    Tillage can make dry soil conditions even worse. In dry soil conditions, growers may be tempted to seed deep enough to reach moisture. This is not necessary from April to mid-May, and may create more harm... more


  • Three timing options for early weed control

    Canola emerges with a large population of wild oats. Weeds will be going strong with the sun, especially if they have established roots that reach moisture while newly seeded crop battles dry topsoil... more


  • Yield drops after 2-3 days in standing water

    Parts of Manitoba and southeast Saskatchewan have fields with standing water after receiving up to 5” of rain in the past week. Canola is quite susceptible to water logging and shows a yield... more


  • Coming events

    canolaPALOOZA — June 23, Lacombe, Alberta. Over 100 are registered already and space is limited. More information and registration. peacePALOOZA — June 25, Beaverlodge, Alberta. More information and... more


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