September 10, 2020 – Issue 26

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  • QUIZ – Storage risks

    Green seed, high moisture and other factors can increase the storage risks for canola. Take the quiz to test your knowledge and pick up a few management tips.


  • Frost effect on canola quality

    The majority of the canola green seed problems in Western Canada are usually the result of frost. Even a light frost can fix the green colour by damaging the enzymes that clear the chlorophyll in higher moisture seed, preventing additional clearing regardless of how favourable weather conditions may become.


  • Pre-harvest desiccant – needed after a frost?

    We don’t really know how much frost (temperature, duration) would be equivalent to an application of diquat (Reglone), but we do know that in cool conditions, diquat may not actually work that well.


  • Scenarios: Swath or straight combine?

    Would you choose to swath or straight combine a canola crop…when the stand is uneven? When the crop is lodged? After a heavy frost? When you want to combine sooner?


  • Harvest safety: Combine considerations

    High winds have created a couple of possible safety situations. One, wind-blown swaths can roll into large bunches. If these bunches have to be broken apart before feeding them into the combine, this is best done while the combine is working in another part of the field. Avoid assigning the operator to fork canola into […]


  • How to reduce combine losses

    This article explains how to measure losses, and then how to set the combine to reduce losses.


  • How to identify verticillium stripe

    The fungal pathogen Verticillium longisporum causes stem cross-section discolouration that can look somewhat like blackleg and bleaching of the stem that can look somewhat like sclerotinia stem rot. But these diseases are all quite different in terms of yield risk and management, so it’s important to be able to tell them apart.


  • Residue management: The combine can influence stand establishment

    Give your future seedbed a good start by managing residue this fall. The combine is a key part of this process.


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