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  • QUIZ – Fall counting

    Six questions provide tips on what to look for in fields this fall, and how these counts can help with field management in... more


  • Storage risks – high moisture top for 2020

    All canola should be conditioned immediately after combining to cool it down, even out the temperature throughout the bin and remove any moisture released through natural seed respiration that occurs in... more


  • A good reason to count stems at harvest

    Average stem counts for each canola field harvested this year can put yield, quality and harvest date results in perspective and help with seeding rate decisions in 2021.  Fall stubble counts can... more


  • Seed tip: Compare variety performance over multiple years

    You can get a good sense of the consistency of a cultivar by looking at performance over various locations and years. The Canola Performance Trials website includes many years of data, so you can check... more


  • Seed traits: What are the standards?

    This list covers the options available for canola seed traits and describes official standards (if any) for each trait.  Western Canada Rapeseed and Canola Recommending Committee (WCC/RRC) is the... more


  • Fall weed control – Timing and targets

    Fall is a good time to control perennial and winter annual weeds, but spraying immediately after harvest may not provide the best results. Before spraying, identify the weeds present. Are they perennials?... more


  • How to reduce combine losses

    Canola producers can lose up to five bushels per acre – perhaps even more – if the combine isn’t adjusted properly. Please read this article for tips to measure combine losses and make adjustments to... more


  • Straight combining: Three timing scenarios

    How many days delayed am I going to be with straight combining versus swathing? It depends on your expectation of “ready". Do you want plants and pods dried down to the same point as a swathed crop? If... more


  • Connections

    Canola Watch has many valued connections, including the Canola Council of Canada, SaskCanola, Alberta Canola and Manitoba Canola Growers, as well as research institutions, government extension departments,... more


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