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  • Have a safe harvest

    Bad weather, broken parts, stuck combines and everything else going on this harvest adds to the stress and time pressure. But please keep a priority on safety. Get enough sleep. Eat well. Here are a... more


  • Canola Discovery Forum: CLUB Day and hotel booking

    The 2019 Canola Discovery Forum (CDF) will take place at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 13-14. This event is a unique opportunity for consensus building and dialogue between... more


  • Register for the Canadian Crops Convention, March 3-5

    The Canadian Crops Convention is bringing the grain, oilseed, pulse and special crop value chains together this March in Vancouver to: network, coordinate and improve dialogue;discuss and gain insight... more


  • Stress is real. You can talk about it.

    Provincial farm stress lines are in place for harvests like this one. Call the good people below to talk about anything causing stress or depression for you or someone you care about. These lines are for... more


  • Tips for drying tough and damp canola

    The ideal goal for safe long-term storage is to have canola rest in the bin at 8% moisture and less than 15°C. Canola storage risk is lower if canola is below 8% moisture and 15°C. No matter how good... more


  • Quality of canola with wet harvest delays

    Canola is generally better than other crops for holding its quality with harvest delays due to moisture. But damage can occur. Here are some quality issues that can occur in this situation: Sprouting.... more


  • Snow on canola: What to do?

    Snow on swathed canola will delay harvest, just like a rain would. In October, when it can be assumed that a return to more seasonal temperatures will occur, waiting it out may be the best option. In most... more


  • Fall weeds: Snow and frost and timing

    Snow and fall weeds. When freezing temperatures stop fall weed control plans, snow is likely more of a help than a hindrance with respect to overall weed condition. The snow layer is likely to insulate the... more


  • Factors that elevate storage risk

    The big issue this year will be high moisture in harvested seeds, but green seeds and dockage can be factors, too. When the grain going into the bin already has moulds and sprouted seeds, this can escalate... more


  • Coming events

    Canola Discovery Forum – Winnipeg, MB, November 13-14. This event is a unique opportunity for consensus building and dialogue between all canola industry stakeholders. The theme this year is Integrated... more


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