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  • 2019 Canola Discovery Forum – Registration closing soon

    The 2019 Canola Discovery Forum (CDF) will take place at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 13-14. This event is a unique opportunity for consensus building and dialogue between all... more


  • Canola quality with winter or spring harvest

    Combining canola after the ground has frozen can work fairly well, especially for standing crop. In fact, when putting ice and snow covered canola plants through the combine, colder temperatures (-10°C to... more


  • Green seed – Common questions

    What causes high green? Most green seed issues result when heavy frost hits canola before the seeds mature. This permanently stops the chlorophyll-clearing process and locks in green. Nothing can be done to... more


  • Bin sensor shows rising temperature. What to do?

    Canola Watch received a couple of reader questions recently about the temperature of stored canola – and the point at which heating damage will start. We’re not sure the exact temperature that heating... more


  • Bin safety tips: Stay out

    High moisture harvest means steady action around the bins – with oversight of dryers, aeration fans, latches, hatches, augers and trucks. The best advice is to stay out of the bins entirely and keep all... more


  • What fertilizer practices are the worst for losses?

    Earlier this year, Canola Digest magazine posed this question to experienced fertilizer specialists from each Prairie province. Canola Digest wanted them to identify high-loss situations and provide better... more


  • How to test soil for clubroot

    Random soil tests can pick up clubroot DNA before you see visual symptoms. Labs that test soil for clubroot DNA are listed here. These labs can detect spores at levels of 1,000 per gram, which is considered... more


  • Seed: Try new genetics every year

    Having diversity in canola variety genetics will improve the resilience of the farm over time. The weed management message, “If it works, change it”, should apply to genetics and disease resistance,... more


  • Coming events

    Canola Discovery Forum – Winnipeg, MB, November 13-14. This event is a unique opportunity for consensus building and dialogue between all canola industry stakeholders. The theme this year is Integrated... more


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