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May 15, 2019 - Issue 7

  • Canola Council call: May 24 grower update on trade with China

    The Canola Council of Canada, on behalf of growers and the entire canola value chain, is working closely with the Government of Canada to resolve challenges facing canola seed exports to China. Please join us... more


  • Canola Watch quiz – Flea beetles

    Give yourself a flea beetles primer ahead of scouting season. Take our quiz! Striped, crucifer and hop species of flea beetles. Photo credit: Denice Geverink, U of... more


  • Make the right flea beetle spray decision: 8 steps

    Most fields will not require a foliar insecticide for flea beetles in addition to seed treatment, but you want to check to make sure. Begin monitoring right after emergence and through until at least the... more


  • Start scouting 7 to 21 days after seeding

    Photo credit: Angela Brackenreed To make sure a young canola crop is protected from day one, start scouting at the time when emergence should occur. With warm soils, adequate moisture and 1” seeding... more


  • The scouting toolkit

    Professional entomologists, plant pathologists and agronomists use many of these tools. Growers may want to keep some or all of them handy as well. Mobile device Smart phones and mobility-enabled... more


  • Weed spraying in challenging conditions

    Weeds that emerge before the crop can be highly damaging to crop yield potential because they out-compete the crop for moisture, nutrients and sunlight. A small number of weeds (even just a few per square... more


  • In-crop insect surveys in 2019

    Provincial Ministry of Agriculture and AAFC insect surveys. Each year, entomologists from the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Research Centres collaborate with extension... more


  • Summer storage of canola

    With the focus on seeding and spraying, don't forget to check canola in storage. This is time well spent, especially if moisture is above 8% or green is elevated. With rising temperatures, stored canola can... more


  • Coming events

    canolaPALOOZA Alberta. Lacombe Research & Development Centre, June 26. canolaPALOOZA is hosted by Alberta Canola, the Canola Council of Canada and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. Registration and... more


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