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  • QUIZ – Seed quality standards

    For canola farmers with seed decision to make, please check out the Canola Performance Trials variety evaluation results and online comparison... more


  • PODCAST: Spring options for nitrogen application

    A lot of farmers who normally apply nitrogen fertilizer in the fall didn't get the opportunity with the late harvest and unfavourable weather last fall. In this podcast, host Jay Whetter talks with CCC... more


  • Spring drying tips for high-moisture canola

    Stored canola with moisture content higher than 8% will be at higher risk of spoilage as temperatures warm up this spring. Farmers with high-moisture canola will need a plan to protect that... more


  • How to cope with salinity

    Recent wet and dry cycles have increased topsoil salinity in many parts of the Prairies over the past few years. “Salinity is not a salt problem, it’s a water problem,” says Marla Riekman, soil... more


  • Plan to tank mix glyphosate for pre-seed burnoff

    Tank mixing glyphosate is a simple step to improve results from pre-seed burnoff. While booking herbicides and looking at spring discounts, look at tank mix options for pre-seed glyphosate. Tank mixes are... more


  • Fix field access points to improve clubroot biosecurity

    Designated field entrances and separate exits can reduce the spread of clubroot from field to field. Field entrances are often the most likely start points for clubroot infestation, so if field equipment... more


  • Plan your on-farm research trials

    Farms can run their own strip trials to test how a particular practice or product performs in a local environment – and this is a good time to make a plan. A strip trial could test, for example, the... more


  • Connections

    Farming Smarter seeks research co-operators. Farming Smarter has a goal to make on-farm trials as easy as possible for its cooperators. Working with its farmer cooperators, Farming Smarter gets field scale... more


  • What to do with unharvested canola acres?

    Unharvested 2019 crop will be the first thing many Western Canadian farmers have to deal with this spring. There is no easy or one-size-fits-all answer for how to best handle these crops. The ideal option is... more


  • Coming events

    Seeding & Spraying College – March 25, Keystone Centre, Brandon, Man. Register. This all-day practical educational event is a follow up to the popular 2019 Combine College. Attendees choose from 12... more


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