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  • Assess weeds and emergence issues

    A few days of summer-like conditions have weeds thriving, taking up nutrients and topsoil moisture. Whether canola is already emerging, seeded but not emerging, or not yet seeded, now is a good time to remove... more


  • QUIZ – Weed seedling ID, pt 2

    Weed seedling ID quizzes are so fun, we decided to do another on the heels of the May 6 weed ID quiz. This quiz is like a matching game. Seven photos. Seven choices. See if you can match all 7. Dig... more


  • PODCAST: Flea beetle behaviour

    Jim Tansey and Keith Gabert join host Jay Whetter to talk about flea beetles – including how far they travel to find the first canola crops, major differences between striped and crucifer species, and how... more


  • Use the calculator BEFORE seeding and AFTER emergence

    Haven’t seeded canola yet? Set an appropriate seeding rate based on seed size, target stand and estimated emergence percentage. CALCULATE Seeded and waiting for emergence? Check your notes to make sure... more


  • Tips for spraying in the wind

    Weeds are growing quickly with warm weather and moisture, but conditions have been windy – very windy in some places. Given the value of early weed control, take full advantage of calm conditions to spray.... more


  • Seeding depth. How far to chase moisture?

    The same wind that makes it a challenge to spray also dries out the top layer of soil. Should this dry layer of topsoil mean a change in seeding depth? Going slightly deeper (around 1”, max 1-1/2”) to put... more


  • How to help canola mature faster?

    Canola seeded in late May and early June will have lower yield potential than canola seeded in early May, and it may run into challenges with timely harvest while farmers wait for the crop to mature. Here are... more


  • Warm days allow for natural air drying

    Still have tough canola in the bin? Warm air has good capacity to dry. For example, at 22°C and 60% relative humidity, canola will trend towards just below 8% moisture content with natural air drying.... more


  • Connections

    Canola Watch has many valued connections, including the Canola Council of Canada, SaskCanola, Alberta Canola and Manitoba Canola Growers, as well as research institutions, government extension departments, ag... more


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