June 24, 2020 – Issue 15

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  • Quiz – Colours of canola

    Nine images of discoloured canola. Can you identify the cause for each?


  • Top dress tips for nitrogen and sulphur

    The ideal timing for fertilizer application is at seeding, but there are times when an in-crop top up of nitrogen or sulphur makes sense. This article provides tips to make top dressing work in those situations.


  • Weed issues: Late sprays and herbicide report cards

    One weed management job for this week is to check fields about a week after spraying to make sure weeds are dying as expected.


  • Insect update – June 24

    Slugs have been found feeding on canola in wet areas of Alberta. Some fields are starting to flower – which means we have to start talking about cabbage seedpod weevils.


  • How to use tissue tests for nutrient deficiency diagnosis

    Tissue sampling can be used to diagnose crop problems that may be nutritionally related and to identify any nutrients that may be limiting yields.


  • Connections – June 24

    Canola Watch has many valued connections, including the Canola Council of Canada, SaskCanola, Alberta Canola and Manitoba Canola Growers, as well as research institutions, government extension departments, ag businesses, universities and other commodity groups. This section provides timely support for canola-related projects outside of Canola Watch. Top Notch – Sclerotinia stem rot webinar. As part […]


  • Will canola recover from early-season hail?

    In situations where the field was completely wiped out, seedlings will grow more leaf tissue to replace what is lost, but if hail damages the growth point beyond recovery or snaps the stem, these plants usually do not survive.


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