Tank mix options for pre-seed burnoff

April 4, 2019 - Issue 4

Tank mixing is an important step in preventing herbicide resistance in weeds, and the pre-seed window is a good opportunity to use a tank mix rather than just straight glyphosate. Tank mix options for glyphosate ahead of canola are:

  • bromoxynil
  • Aim/CleanStart (carfentrazone)
  • clomazone
  • Conquer (bromoxynil and carfentrazone)
  • quinclorac

The Guide to Crop Protection has a list of all herbicides that can be applied pre-seeding or pre-emergent for various crops. See Table 14a (on page 66) here. The Guides also have details on each product so you can decide on the best match for the weeds present.

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