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  • Why the missing pods?

    Missing or stunted pods at the top of this plant are likely due to heat stress. The plants look fine otherwise.

    Some canola fields are exhibiting missing or stunted pods at the top or middle of stems. Pods in some fields have been described as green on the ends and translucent in the middle. The most likely cause is environmental. The few days above 30°C in early July would certainly cause flower abortion, and the hormone response to a couple days of heat could stretch the effect on podding to a week or more. However, other factors can be at play…


  • Early flower damage? Canola can compensate

    Canola plants that lose flowers to heat, insects, etc., can recover without a yield penalty — or not much of one — if conditions improve by early to mid flower. The chart above shows that canola plants produce far more flowers than pods, providing a cushion…


  • Discolored petals

    Canola petals can turn orange in response to stress, usually heat stress. There is nothing that can be done about heat damage. White or pale flowers can have many possible causes.


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