July 15, 2020 – Issue 18

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  • Quiz – Green Worms 2020

    Can you identify these five green worms that can be found in canola at this time of year?


  • Sclerotinia: Does fungicide at 50% flower make sense?

    In general, late applications are not as effective as applications at 20 per cent flower because early infection tends to cause the most yield loss. But fungicide applied late in the window can provide valuable protection from sclerotinia stem rot if flowering is extended or if conditions become more conducive to disease.


  • Give the plants a mid-season root check

    While scouting canola fields at flowering and podding stages, dig up a few plants in each field and look at the crown and primary root. If the crop has above-ground symptoms, compare the roots of healthy and unhealthy plants. That might help you discover the problem.


  • Hail on flowering canola

    Flowering canola can, with enough time, recover from hail that knocks off a large percentage of flowers. Canola will flower for longer to compensate.


  • Sulphur deficiency and late top ups

    Sulphur deficiency is more typical in sandy soil with low organic matter. Heavy rains can reduce sulphur availability because, in most Prairie soils, sulphate is not held by organic matter and clay particles since they are both negatively charged. Therefore, sulphate is vulnerable to leaching losses.


  • 10 reasons for missing pods

    Seeing blanks up canola stems where pods should be? Here are the eight most common causes.


  • Top 10 sclerotinia stem rot questions

    What is 20 per cent flower? When to spray an uneven crop? What is the right amount of moisture for disease? And more…


  • Connections – July 22

    Canola Watch has many valued connections, including the Canola Council of Canada, SaskCanola, Alberta Canola and Manitoba Canola Growers, as well as research institutions, government extension departments, ag businesses, universities and other commodity groups. This section provides timely support for canola-related projects outside of Canola Watch.


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