July 8, 2020 – Issue 17

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  • Quiz – Insect eggs

    Eggs are not a target for management, but this is a fun quiz that will improve your agronomy knowledge. Look out for these when out scouting the soil or plants for other issues. This is a matching quiz – five eggs, five choices. Can you match all five?


  • Top 10 sclerotinia stem rot questions

    What is 20 per cent flower? When to spray an uneven crop? What is the right amount of moisture for disease? And more…


  • What does a 5” rain do to soil nutrient availability?

    After a heavy rain, canola in higher ground might be in good shape. Canola on the edge of standing water may be experiencing some stress due to reduced root function, and the nutrient deficiency that results. Lowland canola submerged in standing water for a few days will probably die. While assessing the recovery situation, some […]


  • Insect update

    Seeing about ground symptoms? Root maggots are one possible cause. Their damage can also increase root disease infections.


  • Heat and its effect on canola

    Hot days (28-30°C and up) coupled with warm nights (16°C and up) from bud to mid-flowering stages can have a substantial effect on canola yield.Cool nights offer some recovery from hot days. Warm nights do not provide a recovery period, and more flowers are aborted, producing blanks along the stem.


  • Late-window applications of herbicide

    Always follow labels for rate, timing and pre-harvest intervals (PHI) when applying herbicides. Applications made after the label window can lead to reduced weed control due to advanced weed staging and reduced herbicide contact with the weeds through the increased canola canopy closure.


  • How to make an accurate diagnosis

    The challenge is that one symptom can have many causes, so keep an open mind. Don’t have a pre-conceived notion of what the problem is. If you get a second opinion – which is a great idea – try not to convince that person what you think the problem is before that person has a chance to assess the facts.


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