June 17, 2020 – Issue 14

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  • Quiz – Am I too late?

    Four scenarios with “Yes” or “No” answers on application timing.


  • Delayed weed control? Make it count

    For canola fields that have not been sprayed this year, effective weed control may come down to one herbicide application – so make that application count by putting together an effective tank mix, choosing the higher herbicide application rate, and spraying under good conditions.


  • Will canola recover from early-season hail?

    In situations where the field was completely wiped out, seedlings will grow more leaf tissue to replace what is lost, but if hail damages the growth point beyond recovery or snaps the stem, these plants usually do not survive.


  • Nutrient deficiencies and top-dress tips: PODCAST, VIDEO

    Improved crop moisture may have improved the yield potential of canola crops. If nutrient availability does not match this new yield potential, in-crop top-dressing of nitrogen or sulphur (or both) could provide an economic benefit. Find out how to do it.


  • Missing plants might be “slow” plants

    The seeds might have germinated and the stems might be taking their sweet time in breaking the soil surface. Why so slow? Could be soil conditions. Could be seeding too deep. Could be lack of vigour.


  • Insect update

    No major outbreaks to report this week, but include cutworms in the field scouting checklist, and watch flea beetles until crop reaches the 4-leaf stage.


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