May 1, 2019 – Issue 5

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  • Summer storage of canola

    PAMI studies have shown that leaving the canola alone resulted in the most stable and favourable storage conditions throughout the summer months, provided the canola is dry (<10 per cent moisture content) and uniformly frozen (to <-5°C) going into the spring months.


  • Canola Watch quiz – Clubroot true/false

    Test yourself with these 10 true or false questions about clubroot. Make sure to ‘submit’ and read the answers for lots of agronomy details.


  • Clubroot 101: How to keep spores low and local

    If you read nothing else about clubroot, read this article. It covers the basic management practices for all canola growers. The whole point of these core practices is to keep clubroot spores low and local.


  • Clubroot pathotypes: Field populations and how they change

    Before we get into a discussion on clubroot (Plamsodiophora brassicae) pathotypes, know this: Key management steps of minimizing soil movement, early deployment of resistant varieties, careful scouting to detect early infestations, controlling host weeds and extended crop rotation remain of utmost importance. In time, when molecular markers become available and we better understand field populations […]


  • Timely seeding and stand establishment topics

    Five topics: Take time and seed right; Use the Canola Calculator to determine the ideal seeding rate; The ideal time to seed canola; Seeding into dry soil; Flea beetles will keep eating on cool days.


  • Timely weed management topics

    Three topics: Seed first or spray weeds?; Spraying weeds in cool conditions; Tank mix options for pre-seed burnoff.


  • Timely fertilizer management topics

    Two key topics: How much fertilizer does canola need? and Why limit seed-placed fertilizer?


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