October 11, 2018 – Issue 27

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  • Canola Watch survey: Your experience with high-moisture canola

    Canola Watch prefers to base its information on scientific research, but we don’t have a lot of information on these 2018 experiences: drying and storing very high-moisture crop, handling high-green canola. This survey is designed to collect on-farm experiences that we can share with readers. Agronomists and retails can provide answers based on their clients’ experiences. We will not use any names.


  • Canola Discovery Forum: Registration deadline, great discussions, CEUs available

    This is your last chance to register for Canola Discovery Forum, October 22-23 in Banff. An agenda highlight will be the panel discussion titled: Innovation in agronomy tools in a changing regulatory landscape.


  • Questions about handling high-moisture canola

    What moisture level is too high to combine canola?
    How to prepare to handle high-moisture canola?
    How long can you store damp canola (>12.5% moisture)?
    How to reduce storage risk for high-moisture canola?
    How to add supplemental heat?
    How to estimate airflow rate (cfm/bu) through a bin?


  • High green. Will it clear?

    Canola that still has a lot of green seed might not de-green that much further. Green may have been locked in by frost and if more de-greening was possible, it probably should have happened already with the moisture over the past two weeks. When good harvest opportunities arise, the best bet at this stage of the season is probably to get that canola in the bin.


  • Delayed harvest and residue management

    Getting crop in the bin is a bigger issue than residue management right now. Residue will be a factor in harvest because standing canola downed by snow will have to be combined close to the ground. That means more residue to churn through the combine and less residue to hold snow. Tough residue won’t chop and spread that well either. But that’s just the way it is. Deal with residue later.


  • Shop around samples

    When moisture or green counts are higher, farmers may want to take samples to a few delivery points.


  • Our most-clicked articles from the past month

    Alberta: Fall fertilizer questions
    Saskatchewan: Tips for drying tough and damp canola
    Manitoba: Fall fertilizer questions


  • Spraying weeds after frost and snow

    Spray decisions — when to spray or whether to spray at all — will depend on leaf condition after the snow is gone.


  • Clubroot identified in Northern Sunrise County southeast of Peace River

    Clubroot has been identified in canola southeast of Peace River in northern Alberta. Although clubroot has been found in various counties in Alberta since 2003, this is the first year the disease has been confirmed in Northern Sunrise County. This fall, Peace Country canola growers should be especially diligent in scouting their canola fields for […]


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