July 19, 2017 – Issue 17

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  • Canola Watch quiz: Beneficial insects

    How well do you know your beneficial insects? Take our quiz to identify these five species working hard for you.


  • Sclerotinia: Late-window sprays

    If conditions are dry at early flower and then it rains at 40% to 50% flower, spraying at the end of the window may be effective. This would be especially true if moisture also promoted a longer flowering window due to later compensatory growth.


  • Sclerotinia petal test

    Small amounts of spores can lead to yield-robbing levels of sclerotinia in continued moist conditions. A petal test to confirm the presence of sclerotinia DNA on petals could be used to provide an indication of pathogen pressure at the time of petal collection.


  • Grasshoppers thrive in hot, dry conditions

    Grasshoppers can thrive in hot weather. The nominal threshold for grasshoppers in canola is 8-12 per square meter, although the higher end of that range may be more appropriate in a typical canola crop.


  • Hail at flowering. Will the crop recover?

    In light hail, canola can sometime over-compensate and produce even higher yield. In serious hail situations where entire flowering branches are knocked off, plants that are still actively flowering can produce new branches. This will set back maturity, but with enough season left, these new branches can produce a decent yield.


  • See dying patches? Could be clubroot

    Check patches of prematurely ripening canola for signs up disease. Dig up roots to check for clubroot galls. Early infection at the seedling stage can result in wilting, stunting, yellowing and even death of canola plants in the late rosette to early podding stage.


  • Heat, drought and other reasons for missing pods

    As canola starts to move from flowering and into pod formation, growers will often notice blanks up the raceme where pods did not form. Heat and drought would be common reasons this year.


  • Crop tours and other events

    Coming events that include canola content…


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