September 14, 2016 – Issue 26

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  • Fall weeds: When to spray?

    Narrow-leaved hawk's beard

    Fall is a good time to control perennial and winter annual weeds, but…(1) Wait for post-harvest regrowth and (2) Know the best timing for the weeds present.


  • Frost on canola left for straight combining

    Frost provides some natural desiccation that may help dry weeds and green stems in fields left for straight combining. Some growers actually wait for frost before combining, using it as a tool to aid in crop dry down — but this may not be advised if the field is ready and no frost is forecast.


  • Disease scouting at harvest

    Harvest is a great time to assess the incidence and severity of canola diseases, an important step in management for next year.


  • What do I do about ruts?

    We know that tillage will spread clubroot as well as weed seeds and verticillium, but ruts can create headaches for combining, fall spraying and seeding next spring. Working wet fields can also cause compaction.


  • Rain delays harvest: What to do?

    Harvest delays due to soggy soils, frequent rains and even mist have canola growers wondering about risk to the crop and what, if anything, they can do reduce these risks. Really, the only approach is to wait out the weather. When fields are able to support the swather, decide then whether the staging suits swathing or straight combining. This article answers these and other questions: What is the “point of no return” for swath timing? Will canola seeds sprout with all the rain? How much does cool, wet weather extend curing time?

    Questions that arise with long rain delays:


  • Swathing after a frost

    This was taken 4 hours after a minus 7°C frost. Green pods are already turning white and popping open.

    Frost on pods can stop plant development and lock in green. It can also cause pods to split. However, a light frost may have no effect at all, and the crop will be better left to mature fully. To determine which situation applies in a frost situation, do the following….


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