April 22, 2015 – Issue 6

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  • Quiz for April 23, 2015

    Test your smarts on pre-seed weed control.


  • Use multiple modes in the pre-seed window

    Step one in the pre-seed weed control plan is to see what weeds are present — annuals, perennials, winter annuals — and at what numbers. Choose a product based on which weeds present the biggest threat to yield based on their number and size.


  • 3 fertility questions for seeding time

    The key with fertility decisions is to apply all of the 4 Rs — right fertilizer source at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. Missing even one R reduces the yield response from the fertility investment. Make the most of your fertilizer investment. At the CanoLAB fertility station, attendees […]


  • How early is too early to seed?

    Early seeding usually improves canola yield potential and quality, in large part because earlier crops tend to flower before the hottest days of summer. But the yield benefits of early seeding depend on survival of a sufficient plant population — ideally 7 to 10 plants per square foot, and a minimum 5. An early-seeded crop […]


  • Keep It Clean — 3 things you need to know about pesticide use

    Around 90% of Canadian canola is exported, and our customers have high standards when it comes to clean seed, oil and meal. It is essential that all growers, agronomists and retailers do not use or promote unregistered pesticides or those with unacceptable residues. Here are three important points to follow before using a product on canola….


  • Top 10 things to inspect when prepping the drill

    While growers wait to hit the fields, this is a good time to pull out the drill and give it a good inspection. A large flat concrete pad is ideal for leveling.


  • You can test your soil for clubroot

    Growers can have soils tested for low-level presence of clubroot at Manitoba’s new Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) molecular detection laboratory.

    The lab processes and analyzes soil samples for presence of clubroot at very low levels, prior to noticeable plant symptoms,


  • Seed rate: Start at 5 lb./ac. and tweak from there

    Hybrid canola stands with fewer than 5 plants per square foot cannot reach their yield potential. You want at least 5 plants and ideally 7-10 to allow for some plant loss to disease and insects.

    For growers who want to keep things simple, a standard seeding rate of 5 lb./ac. should meet the basic needs of stand establishment — as long as all other steps for a good stand are followed.

    Growers who want a seeding rate that establishes 7 to 10 plants per square foot — 4 plants is about the minimum but you should add a few extra plants for a safety cushion — will want to adjust the seeding rate based on seeding date (cool soils may require a higher seeding rate given the likelihood of higher seeding mortality) and thousand seed weight. Read how to do that.


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