November 4, 2015 – Issue 29

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  • Do a pre-snow winter annual weed assessment

    This is an extreme case of runaway early season weeds. These should definitely get a pre-seed burnoff, probably at least a week earlier. Source: Ken Sapsford

    While it’s too late to spray effectively, growers and agronomists can check fields for the presence and population of winter annual weeds before the snow flies. This information can help with spring pre-seed burnoff and crop rotation planning.


  • Still time to take soil samples

    The ground is not frozen yet, which means growers and agronomists still have an opportunity to take fall soil samples. This is one of the best times to sample because…


  • Clubroot update: Manitoba cases, R varieties

    Clubroot found in Manitoba. Source: Anastasia Kubinec, MAFRD

    Manitoba has a few confirmed cases of clubroot in 2015. One field with galls was found in the R.M. of Pembina, and fields with galls were found in the Swan River Valley.


  • PODCAST: Canola Discovery Forum review

    The Canola Council of Canada hosted Canola Discovery Forum in Canmore, Alberta, October 27-29, 2015. In this podcast, Daryl Tuck, canola grower from Vegreville, Alberta and director with Albert Canola Producers Commission, Wayne Truman, canola grower from Redvers, Saskatchewan and director with SaskCanola, and Clint Jurke, agronomy director with the Canola Council of Canada talk with host Jay Whetter about highlights from the event.


  • Two storage questions

    Read more for answers to these two storage questions from Canola Watch readers:
    1. I have monitor cables in my bins. What temperature will damage canola?
    2. What is a safe plenum temperature for drying canola?

    Safe drying temperatures table


  • Late-harvested canola may have more green

    Green seed small

    Late harvested canola fields that were at various stages of growth when swathed may have high levels of green seed. If that is your situation, here are two articles that may be helpful…


  • How long to store canola in bags

    Bags are loaded for the University of Manitoba's canola bag storage study.

    Harvest bags are best used as a short-term storage solution under Prairie conditions. University of Manitoba researchers made the following recommendations after a three-year bag storage study…


  • Summer agronomy opportunity with the CCC

    The Canola Council of Canada will hire three post-secondary students to fill the position: Agronomy Specialist Summer Assistant. All applications must be received by the end of the day on November 11, 2015.


  • CCC Convention 2016: Early bird registration and draw


    The Early Bird deadline to register for the Canola Council of Canada’s 2016 Convention in San Diego is midnight, November 24, 2015. All who register before that time will automatically be entered to WIN a $500 VISA gift card. Click here for contest details.


  • Talk up SaskCanola’s “License to Farm”

    This short film explores the truth behind common misconceptions of agriculture, empowering farmers to advocate for their social license to farm. The film will make its debut early January 2016.


  • Alberta: Mark the calendar for your district grower meeting

    Alberta Canola Producers Commission will host 12 canola grower meetings across Alberta beginning on November 17. All meetings have top notch speakers addressing agronomy, marketing and farm business management topics to help make farmer more profitable.


  • Saskatchewan: Mark the calendar for your oilseed producer day

    SaskCanola partners with Sask Mustard, SaskFlax and Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture for the Saskatchewan Oilseed Producer Days — 5 Meetings, 5 Locations, 5 Days.



  • Alert: Sudden rise in heated canola

    Heated canola, the brown burned seeds, mean an immediate downgrade.

    Some canola growers have reported rising temperatures in their canola bins. Growers are encouraged to check all canola bins as soon as possible. Heating can start small and go unnoticed for days and perhaps weeks. Cooling the bin and stopping this early heating now can save a lot of money in lost grade and lost delivery options.


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