August 19, 2015 – Issue 22

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  • August 19 Quiz — Should you spray this?

    Crazy infestations get the trigger finger itchy. What would you do if you saw these in a canola field?

    Flea beetles late season Cornelsen


  • Swath timing blues? Cut the first two rounds

    Swath first two rounds Brackenreed

    Still wondering when to swath uneven crops? If earliest plants in a field show obvious signs of maturity, with lots of seed colour change on the main stem, then cut the first two rounds. Two full rounds give a good impression of the state of the whole field. And the cleared space makes it much easier to quickly check a number of plants in a few areas — including the back of the field — for seed colour change.


  • Top 10 things to scout after swathing two rounds

    With a low plant population, canola will grow bigger with more branches.

    Tangled mature canola fields can be hard to scout. Swathing two full rounds before scouting makes it much easier to quickly check a number of plants in a few areas — including the back of the field. Here are things to look for….


  • Insect update: Swede midge, diamondback, flea beetles, lygus

    Flea beetles on canola pod.

    Flea beetles have been observed in high numbers in some fields. Adults emerge from pupae in August and overwinter to feed on young canola seedlings the following spring. These same adults do feed now, but are rarely an economic concern because high numbers tend to be concentrated.


  • Keep it Clean – Harvest season reminders

    (1) When spraying and prior to swathing or straight combining, stick to the pre-harvest interval (PHI) unique to each product. (2) Remember that canola buyers will be asking producers to declare if they have used quinclorac this year. (3) When prepping bins, follow canola storage recommendations.


  • Swath or straight cut lodged crop?

    Lodged canola.

    Whatever the cause for lodging — wind, rain, late-season hail — the crop will present a harvest challenge. Swathing low to the ground doesn’t leave much stubble to hold the swaths in a wind. Swathing lodged crop often leaves a lot of bunches in the windrow. And lodged crop may need to be swathed in the same direction. Neither of these scenarios is ideal.


  • Equipment for straight combining

    Biso header for straight combining canola

    Specialty headers designed to straight combine canola seem to provide an improvement over standard straight cut headers. These specialty headers have the cutterbar out in front of the reel to catch seed that drops on impact from the reel bats.


  • Pre-harvest weed control

    Growers considering a pre-harvest glyphosate cannot apply it to canola (RR or non-RR) until seed moisture drops to 30% or lower. This roughly coincides with 30% seed colour change. Spraying earlier raises the potential for glyphosate residue in seed. Pre-harvest glyphosate will kill green weeds and even out the non-RR canola for straight combining. Group-14 Heat can now be used with glyphosate for pre-harvest weed control or crop drydown.


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