August 12, 2015 – Issue 21

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  • Straight cutting isn’t always straight forward

    Every year straight cutting garners interest from growers. If you are considering trying it out, here are some items to keep it mind before getting started…


  • Disease Scouting Summary

    If you’re getting antsy about starting harvest or wondering when to start harvest, a great use of your time would be scouting your crop. To distinguish one disease from another, use these discerning traits…


  • Swath Timing Brainteasers

    Every year growers question the ideal timing of swathing their canola fields. Here are some agronomic variations and adaptations that need to be made according to the conditions this year…


  • Don’t forget about the bugs just yet!

    Making it past early spring flea beetles, lygus bug, swede midge and other insects, you may be reluctant to check for more critters, but it could really pay off in the end if you do put in the effort. Here are the top reasons to take one more look…


  • Ultimate Boron Update


    With the crops getting closer to harvest, the CCC Ultimate Canola Challenge (UCC) grower partners are also getting ready to find out the results of their on-farm trials. This year’s UCC had growers testing the impacts of boron on the yield of their crops by broadcasting and incorporating granular boron, or using a foliar boron application at the early flower stage.


  • Homemade harvest loss kits!

    Harvest loss kits can be a great tool for farmers, whether it has a logo on it or not. You could buy a kit, or just collect the items below and you can have your very own harvest management kit! Just be sure to include:


  • August 12 Quiz – Diagnostic Dilemmas

    Can you diagnose these plants?


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