October 1, 2014 – Issue 26

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  • 8.5 CEUs for Canola Discovery Forum

    Discovery Forum

    The 2014 Canola Discovery Forum at TCU Place in Saskatoon October 22-23 is a golden opportunity for growers, researchers, agronomists, and representatives from seed and equipment companies to exchange key insights and leading-edge ideas for the sustainable and profitable production of canola.

    The agenda includes thought-provoking speakers and lots of time for discussion. The forum’s goal is to bring forward ideas, think ahead and discover what canola needs to maintain its momentum.

    Certified Crop Advisors can qualify for 8.5 CEUs for attending the two-day event.

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  • Canola Discovery Forum 2014 – Day 1

    Guest speakers include:

    Dr. Jeff Schoenau, professor in the Department of Soil Science at the University of Saskatchewan, will explain what we know and help us discover what we don’t know about soil fertility management. He will also provide some insights on tech transfer.

    Kristjan Hebert, a Southeast Saskatchewan grower, strives to capture opportunities in agriculture before they become main stream. He’s driven in part by economist Danny Klinefelter’s 5% rule — which states that a 5% increase in production combined with a 5% reduction in cost have a huge influence on competitive advantage and profitability. He speaks in favour of research that will help Canadian canola growers achieve these 5% advances, thereby enhancing canola’s position in Prairie crop rotations and against all oilseed competitors globally.

    Kip Tom, whose family runs a large farm based in Indiana, will explain how he crunches production data to squeeze more yield and more profit from their farm operations. Tom Farms is involved in a number of platforms advancing data systems to improve production and financial decision making. Canola Discovery Forum is your chance to join in discussions on how we can apply his experience to canola research and production.


  • Canola Discovery Forum 2014 – Day 2

    Day 2 will focus on new and ongoing research projects. In the morning, attendees at Canola Discovery Forum will divide into two groups for concurrent workshops on stand establishment or emerging pests. The afternoon will feature five briefs on ongoing research.

    The stand establishment workshop features Jeff Coulter, an extension corn specialist with the University of Minnesota. His current research is focused on corn stand establishment factors that provide the greatest increase in yield potential. Coulter’s presentation will lead into a discussion on what crop establishment factors are most important for canola.

    The emerging pests workshop includes discussion on weeds, diseases and insects. Rebecca Hallett, professor in the University of Guelph’s School of Environmental Sciences, will lead the insect discussion, sharing her research on the ecology and management of swede midge.


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