April 4, 2012 – Issue 8

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    Growers still looking for some independent data to help with their final canola seed decisions this spring can try out the new selection tool to utilize the Canola Performance Trial variety comparison data online. Some growers may be tempted to seed extra early. Early seeding usually improves canola yield potential and quality, but these benefits […]


  • Risks from a tight rotation

    Canola on canola yields less, in general, than canola grown on any other stubble. Reasons for this yield drop could include one or a combination of the following factors: Disease, Insects, Fertility, Moisture and Weeds. Diversity of attack is key with a tight rotation.


  • Need seed? 5 quick tips

    Visit the new Canola Performance Trials website to see third-party comparisons from small plot and field scale plots across the Canadian Prairies. Also, remember to grow only registered varieties.


  • Put extra input investment into nitrogen

    If you’ve budgeted for hybrid seed and optimal herbicide, insecticide and fertilizer applications, and you’d like to spend a little extra to push yields, consider a higher nitrogen rate. This is the key message from a recent study by Neil Harker and 17 other scientists from across the Prairies.


  • Volunteers with stacked HT are out there

    Canola volunteers with resistance to more than one herbicide are probably more common than you think. If you’ve only grown Liberty Link canola, for example, but your pre-seed glyphosate treatment doesn’t seem to be getting all the volunteers, the volunteers may have resistance to both Liberty and glyphosate.


  • Clean new equipment: Keep clubroot at bay

    If you don’t have clubroot, be sure any used or demo’d equipment you buy is clean before you bring it home. Clean equipment before it leaves the auction site or the farm it comes from. Also check that the transport truck is clean. As a precaution, you may want to pressure wash the equipment again when it gets to your farm.


  • Canola trade and oil promotion videos

    Click here to view an important video about the Canola Market Access Plan. This video as well as the video embedded below played during the Canola Council of Canada convention in Washington D.C. in March. They are both posted on the Canola Council of Canada website.


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