December 5, 2012 – Issue 33

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    Our theme this month is scouting. It’s not scouting season, obviously, but the variety of different stresses and pests in different regions that affected the crop in 2012 reminds us why it is so important to properly monitor canola throughout the year. We have articles this week on what to keep in a scouting kit and on how to find an agronomist that can effectively assist with your scouting efforts or give advice on management options. Growers want an agronomist who understands their farming philosophy, understands the growing region, and has access to a network and resources to help provide the support they need. The January farm shows give growers a chance to scope out a few agronomy service providers, and re-stock their scouting tool kit.


  • The scouting toolkit

    Handy tools for your scouting toolkit: smart phone, seed depth finder, trowel, standard sweep net, clippers, containers for insect samples, magnifying glass, metre stick, 2- or 3-sided square, flags, booties and gloves.


  • Scouting calendar

    This calendar shows you the major pests and problems to look for in canola at each point in the season.


  • Find the right agronomist

    Growers who do not have the time for timely scouting may want to hire an agronomist to support their own scouting program. Most agronomists are also pressed for time, and may not be able to spend one to 2 hours a week scouting each canola field, but agronomists can supplement the time growers spend scouting, and provide experience and skills to help growers make informed decisions about weed, disease or insect control, stand establishment issues, reseeding after a frost, or harvest timing. Here are some tips to help growers find the right agronomist:


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