Sept. 21, 2011 – Issue 25

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  • Issues of the week

    Turn on the aeration fans and leave them on. A lot of canola went into bins hot, and one crusher has already received some 2011 canola with 18% heated seed. With hot weather forecast again this week for some areas, conditioning canola is a top priority. Wait a few hours after a frost before making […]


  • Crop and weather update

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): The entire region had rain the past few days, with 1” to 1.5” general across the north and less elsewhere. Some fields in the east have standing water — again. Most canola in the Peace is swathed. General combining is still a few days away, except in the north where combining […]


  • Planning for next year

    Harvest is a good time to assess your canola results and prep fields for canola in 2012. If yields were disappointing given the large biomass of the crop, take time now to check for clues as to why.


  • Harvest tips for high green canola

    A lot of canola hit by frost or swathed in the heat is now stuck with high green counts. Every field is different, so there is no one best answer. Here are a few questions to ask and sample scenarios to consider before making the decision to combine now or give the crop more time.


  • Don’t spray weeds right after frost

    Post harvest weed control can be a valuable step in preparing fields for canola next year, especially if winter annuals and perennials are present in high numbers. Dandelions and thistles, for example, move a lot of energy into their roots this time of year, so fall is an effective time to control these weeds. Here are some tips to improve the success of fall weed control in fields planned for canola in 2012:


  • Leave the fans ON!

    A lot of Prairie canola is in a serious storage situation. A crusher has already received one load of 2011 canola with 18% heated kernels. The canola was combined only three weeks ago and was binned dry — but at 30 C or more. Excess heat is dangerous. The Prairies have had two heat waves during this harvest and some regions are forecast to hit 28 C again this week.


  • Straight combining canola hit by frost

    Experienced straight combiners often want a frost to desiccate the crop and whatever weed patches might be present before they start harvest. If the crop is mature, the frost should not hurt quality at all. If frost hits before the crop is fully matured, swathing may give the crop time to cure and rescue more yield in the process. Check for major frost damage to pods before making this decision.


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