Jan 19 2011 – Issue 2

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  • Questions and contacts

    If you have general questions about Canola Watch, direct them to Jay Whetter, whetterj@canolacouncil.org or 807-468-4006. If you have questions on regional issues, contact one of the following Canola Council of Canada regional agronomists or provincial oilseed specialists: Derwyn Hammond, resource manager, crop production, hammondd@canolacouncil.org, 204-729-9011 Jim Bessel, senior agronomy specialist, Central Saskatchewan, besselj@canolacouncil.org, 306-373-6771 Tiffany Martinka, agronomy specialist, […]


  • For more discussion on unseeded acres topics…

    SaskCanola is sponsoring several events that will address concerns about unseeded acres and other canola-related information. 2011 SaskCanola Producer Webinars March 1, 10:00 a.m. Fertility Issues with Unseeded and Flooded Acres. Host Dr. Jeff Schoenau, soil fertility scientist, University of Saskatchewan. March 3, 10:00 a.m. Unseeded Acres and Field Management. Host Lyle Cowell, manager agronomic […]


  • Share your experiences with us

    When unusual events happen — such as way too much moisture for normal operations —  growers often have experiences that may provide useful tips in case a similar event happens again. Did you try anything new or unusual for seeding, fertility, weed control, harvest or other management situations that you’d like to share? We want […]


  • Management tips for unseeded acres

    Canola growers with excessive moisture in 2010 face many unknowns and issues for 2011. The following tips will help growers prepare these fields for 2011: Get a soil analysis. Nutrient reserves will be difficult to predict, especially in low areas flooded for long periods. Lack of oxygen limits microbial breakdown of organic matter. Therefore nutrients […]


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