July 20, 2011 – Issue 17

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    The theme this week is the Canola Council of Canada’s Combine Clinic — with tips to reduce combine losses. The first article below includes a link to a video interview with Les Hill, the lead off speaker at Combine Clinic. Later this week we will post interviews with representatives from the 5 combine companies present […]


  • Les Hill’s 8 tips to reduce combine losses

    At the Combine Clinic this week in Westlock, Alberta, Jay Whetter talked with Les Hill about his 8 tips to improve combine performance and reduce harvest losses.


  • Combine company reps explain how to reduce losses

    For the second half of the Combine Clinic, attendees break into 5 groups and get a hands on presentation from one of 5 combine companies. Read on for links to hear company representatives explain how to reduce combine losses for their brand of combine.


  • Hail at flowering. Now what?

    Yield loss from hail will depend on crop stage and severity of the damage. In addition to physical injury, hail damage allows a point of entry for diseases such as alternaria black spot and blackleg to infect canola plants.


  • How to destroy volunteer canola stands

    Volunteer canola in the field at this point is a weed that could dramatically impact your canola crops in the future. It may be infected with blackleg or sclerotinia, adding additional inoculum to the field to infect subsequent crops. And it could potentially add thousands of viable seeds and resulting plants that you will need to control in the future.


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