2010 – Issue 9

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  • Sclerotinia watch begins for earliest canola

    Issues of the week June 23, 2010 — Weed and insect control are priorities. We have tips on late-stage herbicide applications, lygus bug scouting and fertilizer topdress for recovered fields. Earliest crops have started flowering, which is time to assess the sclerotinia risk.


  • Crop and weather update

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): With regular rains and warm days in the north around Manning and La Crete, canola here looks better than in any other part of the region. Everywhere else needs rain. Crops range from 5-leaf to early flowering. Alberta: Flooding in Medicine Hat made national headlines, but moisture is just right for […]


  • Quick Hitters

    Heat revives flea beetles. After a few weeks with no flea beetle pressure, they have shown up again with the heat. Crop seeded recently will still have seed treatment protection, but for crop seeded weeks ago that have been slow to establish, scout closely. Cutworms are still feeding and damage is the most widespread we’ve […]


  • Still time for a fertilizer topdress

    The most profitable results from a topdress will probably come from bolstering good areas of the field rather than trying to rescue poor areas where the primary stress is excess moisture rather than lack of nitrogen. The strategy: Dribble band liquid nitrogen or broadcast ammonium sulphate at 20 to 30 pounds of actual N per […]


  • Lygus watch starts in Peace

    Early lygus bug pressure is reported in the Peace and in central Alberta near Penhold. CCC’s Peace region agronomy specialist Erin Brock has reports of 3-4 lygus bugs per bud cluster in some fields. There are no economic thresholds for lygus bug on canola at the bud stage. This early feeding is a concern but […]


  • How late can you spray?

    Many growers have not been able to apply their second and some cases first weed control application but the crop is near the end of the application window. Roundup can be applied up to the 6-leaf stage, Liberty up to early bolting, and Odyssey up to 6-leaf stage. The question at late-application stages is whether […]


  • Low expectations for volunteer canola crop

    There are two key points when treating volunteer canola as a crop: 1) Check with the seed company on the legalities of harvesting a volunteer crop. 2) Set expectations accordingly. This crop has no seed treatment, no fertilizer (unless you top up) and if from hybrid seed, only 80-90% of plants will have the herbicide […]


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