2010 – Issue 8

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  • Take action on weeds and cutworms

    Issues of the week June 16, 2010 — Spraying delays due to wet fields, rain and wind have made for a “super weedy year.” Prepare to spray twice and use rates appropriate to the weed size. Cutworm spraying is reported all across the Prairies, and the threat will continue for another week at least.


  • Crop and weather update

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): “It was a rough week,” says CCC agronomy specialist Erin Brock. Wind held up spraying. Cutworms are feeding “voraciously,” with at least one grower having to spray 1,000 acres. And many parts of the region could use rain. Hard frost hit some areas, but canola seems to be recovering. Canola in general […]


  • Quick hitters

    Timing of glyphosate application: Agronomists and retailers continue to get questions about spray timing for glyphosate on Roundup Ready canola. The answer: Anytime up to and including the 6-leaf stage of the crop. Applying at the cotelydon stage is OK. See your provincial guide to crop protection for more information. Click your province for a link […]


  • Fertilizer top up in good conditions

    Many canola regions have good conditions right now,growers who have better than usual canola growing conditions may consider a topdressing nitrogen if they didn’t apply enough fertilizer to meet revised yield expectations. Growers in western Saskatchewan, eastern Alberta and the Peace regions should consider a dribble band of liquid nitrogen or broadcast ammonium sulphate before […]


  • Cutworm threat to extend into July

    Growers all across the Prairies are spraying for cutworm. The 3 key species — redbacked, pale western and dingy — feed until they’re an inch to inch-and-a-half long, the molting stage. Redbacked tend to feed longer in the season than the other two. Scott Meers, entomologist with Alberta Agriculture, says many cutworms are still under an […]


  • Tank mixing herbicides with insecticides

    Timing needs to be right for both the weeds and the insect. Presently there are no insecticide tank mixes registered for glyphosate, Liberty or Odyssey for applications in canola. Recent PMRA guidelines advise that any tank mixing products that are registered for use in canola is acceptable — even if the tank mix itself isn’t […]


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