2010 – Issue 4

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  • A second pre-seed burn, glyphosate tips, scout for flea beetles

    Issues of the week May 19, 2010 — After a week of full-out seeding, canola seeded early last week is already emerging. Weed control is critical, especially if growers didn’t do a pre-seed burnoff. Weeds, including volunteer canola, have been emerging over the past month, in many cases, and some plants are large. Control only […]


  • Crop and weather update

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Seeding will wrap up shortly in most areas. The earliest seeded canola has emerged, but many fields are still just germinating and haven’t poked through the surface. Dry conditions are a concern in the central and east areas especially. Alberta: In the southern region, seeding progress is nearing half way, but […]


  • Quick Hitters

    Sulphate fertilizer supplies are just keeping up with the demand. If your supplier runs out of sulphate when you are seeding, don’t panic. You can broadcast ammonium sulphate up to the four leaf stage as an alternative to delaying seeding. In fields where volunteer cereals are emerged ahead of the broadleaf weeds and the crop, […]


  • Not too late for pre-seed burnoff

    We have conditions for fast and effective herbicide results: sunny, warm and humid. Good performance also depends on evening temperatures remaining well above freezing. If growers haven’t seeded yet,  they should consider pre-seed burnoff — even at this  date. If they just seeded, consider a post-seed, pre-emergent spray. Large weeds left standing to compete with […]


  • Tips to get the most out of CleanStart

    Canola volunteers are a weed that should be controlled ahead of your canola crop. CleanStart is the only pre-seed burnoff registered for use ahead of canola that can control Roundup Ready volunteers. There has been lot of interest in using Clean Start as a pre-seed burnoff, most likely due to producers pushing rotations. CleanStart is […]


  • When it’s warm, flea beetles go everywhere

    In warmer temperatures, flea beetles are more mobile — so the technique of scouting only at field edges no longer applies. It will be important to scout throughout fields for flea beetle hot spots. Spray only when damage reaches the action threshold — which is 25% of leaf area eaten or damaged. (See the photo […]


  • When is too late to seed canola?

    Troy Prosofsky, CCC agronomy specialist in southern Alberta, is getting this question a lot. Southern Alberta often seeds canola about two weeks before everyone else on the Prairies, and by mid to late May growers are wondering whether to skip canola and plant barley instead. To answer the question whether it’s too late, consider the […]


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