2010 – Issue 20

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  • Cut green now, combine in October

    Issues of the week: September 9, 2010 — Regular showers and cool temperatures across the Prairies have canola harvest in a holding pattern for most growers. Many are anxious to start swathing canola with no or little seed colour change. Canola with firm but green seeds is usually best left standing, but read below for […]


  • Crop and weather update:

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Swathing is done, for the most part, but combining is on hold due to rain. Alberta: Swathing is 30% complete in the south, 50-75% complete as you move toward the Yellowhead Highway and 80% complete north of there. Rain, heavy dew and cool temperatures have slowed harvest progress. Many areas had […]


  • Quick Hitters:

    Sclerotinia stem rot continues to spread through many canola crops. Alternaria has also infected the pods of many hailed crops. Keep watching these crops. When infected areas make up 50% or more of the crop, swathing early may be the best way to salvage the yield in those infected plants. Otherwise diseased plants will shell […]


  • It’s September 9. Do I cut that green canola?

    As the weeks progress, growers get more anxious to swath. Swathing at 50% to 60% seed colour change is still preferred, but by this date some growers don’t want to wait any longer. Here are some scenarios that may help with the decision to go or wait: What’s the forecast? —Warm temperatures. If all seeds […]


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