2010 – Issue 18

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  • Think twice before swathing early

    Issues of the week: August 25, 2010 — With cooler temperatures and elevated frost risk for some regions in the coming week, growers may be tempted to swath early to guard against frost. Growers with sclerotinia or hail damage are also inclined to swath early. We encourage growers to think twice in all cases. Read […]


  • Crop and weather updates:

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Swathing is general across the Peace and the odd field has been combined in south, central and western regions. Rains of a few tenths at a time have hit the driest regions just as farmers are trying to harvest. Hail covered a large area from Woking to Wanham, burying swaths in […]


  • Quick Hitters

    Seed colour change not typical. We have reports from southern Saskatchewan of plants showing a touch of colour on all seed, top to bottom. The whole plant is maturing at the same time. This can occur with abundant moisture, in dense stands with not a lot of branches, and in stands that had a short […]


  • Scout at harvest to help with 2011 planning

    At harvest, look for late-season diseases and insect damage that can help with decision making next year. —Break open the stems of any bleached white plants and look for hard black sclerotia bodies forming inside the stem. High levels of sclerotia returned to the soil this fall can increase the risk of sclerotinia next year […]


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