2010 – Issue 17

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  • How to harvest diseased and hailed crop

    Issues of the week: August 18, 2010 — Lygus bug numbers keep rising in central Alberta, with counts in some fields at 10 times economic spray thresholds. If spraying, pay attention to pre-harvest intervals. Sclerotinia stem rot is flourishing in some fields in the western Prairies, especially fields not given a preventative spray at flowering. […]


  • Crop and weather update:

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Swathing is well underway in the central, south and west regions. These areas were dry all season but did finally get some rain — up to half an inch — in the past week just when general swathing began. Swathing has just started in the north, where crops look very good. […]


  • Quick Hitters:

    Pre-harvest glyphosate tip. Some growers have a lot of big weeds to deal with at harvest. Pre-harvest weed control may be beneficial to speed up cutting and to keep green weed seeds and green weed material out of the combine hopper. Remember that pre-harvest glyphosate must be applied AFTER 30% seed colour change (which corresponds […]


  • Tips for harvesting diseased fields

    Sclerotinia stem rot infestations are high in many areas and the disease will continue to advance even after the crop is swathed. “Sclerotinia is showing up like gangbusters” in northeast Alberta, says Doug Moisey, CCC senior agronomy specialist for the region. Alternaria has also been reported. It is too late for fungicide application, given pre-harvest intervals […]


  • Harvest tips for short and lodged crop

    Lots of crop is short this year, and with heavy rains in spots last week, some of that short crop is now lodged. As noted in Canola Watch the previous two weeks, swathing is preferred over straight cutting for short crop — even when lodged. Here’s a recap of tips for swathing short lodged crop: […]


  • Lygus up to 10x thresholds

    Much of southern and central Alberta and parts of western Saskatchewan still have high levels of lygus bug feeding. Lygus bug numbers are up to 10 times economic control thresholds in fields from Crossfield to Penhold, Alberta. Economic thresholds at pod ripening are 8-20 adults or late instar bugs per 10 sweeps when canola prices […]


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