2010 – Issue 13

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  • Crop and weather update

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): South and central regions continue dry. Some areas got a few tenths last week, but it was really sporadic and spotty. North Peace and the very east edge are getting good moisture and have very nice crops. Most fields are at full flower to early podding. Calls continue on the cause […]


  • Diamondback spraying begins

    Issues of the week: July 21, 2010 — Diamondback moth larvae are showing up across the Prairies, and some growers are spraying. Crops just starting to flower should be assessed for sclerotinia stem rot risk.


  • Quick Hitters

    Watch for blackleg. Blackleg stem girdling has appeared in fields in Manitoba and western Saskatchewan — and it seems to be worse in tight canola rotations. Blackleg is a key reason why one-year-in-four rotations are recommended for canola. With tighter rotations, growers are selecting for blackleg to break down the resistance in R-rated varieties. The […]


  • Diamondback moth larvae have arrived

    First signs of diamondback moth larvae are larvae hanging from threads and feeding on leaves. Feeding damage is usually a mining of the leaf, giving the appearance of a “window pane.”  If the larvae are in the canopy, they will often move up to pods as leaves start drying off. Larvae feed on the surface […]


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