2010 – Issue 12

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  • Identify the problem, then act

    Issues of the week: July 14, 2010 — Unexplained bud browning and strange plant growth has retailers and growers in the Peace unsure of the problem. Drought stress, nutrient deficiency and herbicide damage are possible causes. In central Manitoba, root rot is the likely but unconfirmed cause of hairless and weak canola roots. The key […]


  • Crop and weather update:

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Most of the Peace still needs rain. A few tenths in spots last week isn’t enough. The north got timely rains, but many canola fields in the rest of the region are showing signs of stress: thin stands, purpling, cupping, bud blasting. Most crops are in the range of 30% to […]


  • Quick hitters

    Spraying for lygus bugs and cabbage seedpod weevil has begun in southern Alberta, and diamondback moth larvae are showing up in higher numbers. The critical time for diamondback moth larvae control is during pod formation. While scouting for insects, you may find tiny thrips. (See the photos below.) Thrips, which cause twisted pods on canola, […]


  • Root rot suspected in wet Manitoba field

      An agronomist from Oakville, Manitoba, was called out to a Roundup Ready canola field in sandier soil. Many canola plants throughout the field were bent and growing horizontally. The plants could be plucked out of the ground without any effort, and their tap roots had no hairs. Based on the minimal root development and […]


  • Coming events

    BCGPA’s Annual Field Crop Tour and BBQ is today, July 14, at 4:00 p.m. at the Fort St. John research farm. CCC agronomy specialist Erin Brock is speaking. Visit the BCGPA website for contact information. AAFC’s Scott Field Day is Friday, July 16. The event starts at 10:00 at the Scott, Sask., centre, with tours starting […]


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