2010 – Issue 10

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  • Insect threat builds

    Issues of the week: June 30, 2010 — Lygus spraying starts in the Peace, cabbage seedpod weevil spraying starts in the southwestern Prairie, and we’re all on diamondback moth alert. Scout damage closely and spray only when necessary. With so many potential insect threats, multiple sprays are probably not economical. Oh, and don’t forget about […]


  • Crop and weather update

    Peace (B.C. and Alberta): Dry and hot conditions the past week add to drought stress. South and central Peace regions really need rain. Most canola fields are at bolting to first flower stages. Alberta: Thunderstorms brought variable rain in the past week, ranging from 4” for some to less than a tenth for others. Hail […]


  • Coming events

    Southern Applied Research Association at Lethbridge offers its one-day Diagnostic Field School July 6, 7 and 8. The agenda includes CCC senior agronomy specialist Jim Bessel explaining how to minimize combine losses. For more information, call 403-381-5118 or emailsara.research@connectcomm.ca. The Crop Diagnostic School in Carman, Manitoba will run July 6 to 9 and July 12 […]


  • Lygus spraying starts in Peace

      Some Peace fields have 4-5 adults per sweep, prompting many farmers to spray at the bud stage. This is earlier than normally recommended, but with drought stress, canola may not be able to compensate for bud losses. Scout for signs of damage. Look for penetration marks at the base of the bud where adult […]


  • Good conditions for sclerotinia stem rot

      Spraying to prevent sclerotinia stem rot has started in Manitoba and many canola fields across the Prairies are coming into the spray window — 20% to 50% bloom. With good moisture and high humidity, growers with canola at early flower should use the checklist below to assess their sclerotinia stem rot risk. Fields scoring […]


  • Watch for blackleg on leaves

      Blackleg presence is higher than usual on canola in Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan. If you see grey lesions with black picnidia (peppery spots) on leaves, monitor the field. The variety may have adult resistance, so early infection on the leaves may not result in severe stem damage. Spraying is not likely economical. Blackleg can […]


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