How bad are harvest losses?

January 15, 2020 – Issue 2

The harvest loss situation for every day, every farm, every field and every combine can change. That’s why individual farmers need to check for themselves on a regular basis.

However, PAMI has released results from its 2019 canola harvest loss survey. PAMI collected yield loss results for 44 combines in canola across the Prairies this past harvest. Average loss was 1.3 bu./.ac., or 2.8% of total yield for the participating farmers. The range was 0.2 bu./ac. (0.4% yield loss) to 4.1 bu./ac. (10.7%).

Angela Brackenreed, CCC agronomy specialist and harvest management lead, will prepare a more detailed summary on the results and the final report will be posted on the The Research Hub.

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