Volunteer for PAMI’s harvest loss study

July 4, 2019 – Issue 14

We know that canola harvest losses can be significant, but what is the current canola harvest loss situation across the Prairies? You can help us find out.

Through the 2019 Canola Agronomic Research Program (CARP), the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) will benchmark canola harvest losses this fall.  They are targeting 100 farms representative of typical practices to get a snapshot of what harvest losses are like across the Prairies. 
This will not take significant time for producers, and it could help volunteers put more canola in the bin and inform them of potential changes that will further optimize the harvest process. 
Are you interested in volunteering and helping us to understand the current harvest loss situation on the Prairies?  Do you grow canola in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta?  If yes, please email pami@pami.ca and mention “Harvest Loss Survey”.

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