Find a patch of clubroot? Pull and burn all plants in the patch

August 9, 2018 – Issue 19

You have been actively scouting and found clubroot early. The disease is confined to “patches” or small areas in your field, typically around field entrances, drainage paths or low spots in the field.

Here’s what to do with them:

  • Scout and look for patches and patterns in the field. Confirm by pulling plants and looking for clubroot galls and DNA testing.
  • Mark out as least 2x the clubroot patch area (for example, if the patch radius is 10m, mark out an area with a radius of 15m) and set visual and GPS markers for the area.
  • If feasible, remove canola plants from the patch by hand roguing. Burn the galls. Pulling up the galls and burning them will prevent the build up of spores. Don’t spray or mow because these steps do not remove galls and resting spores.
  • Lime to ≥ pH 7.2.
  • Seed to sod-forming grass (smooth bromegrass, perennial ryegrass).
  • Control host weeds and volunteer canola.
  • Use soil sampling to monitor spore concentration. When clubroot spores are no longer detectable, break the sod.
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