May 4 quiz – pre-seed burnoff

May 4, 2016 - Issue 7

If target weeds for a pre-seed burnoff include kochia (pictured), tank mix glyphosate with carfentrazone, which works really well on kochia and prevents glyphosate-resistant kochia. This week’s quiz has questions on pre-seed tank mixing.

Kochia seedlings. Credit: Angela Brackenreed

Kochia seedlings. Credit: Angela Brackenreed

Pre-seed weed control

1. Warm conditions this week will promote weed growth but they also mean improved herbicide activity. Overnight temperatures greater than _____ leading into warm and sunny days are ideal for pre-seed glyphosate applications.
2. With a mix of perennial, winter annual and annual weeds growing in the field, how much time should you wait between spraying and seeding to let the herbicide do its job? Assume weather is warm and sunny.
3. Glyphosate is systemic and can be effective at lower water volumes and coarse to extra coarse spray qualities. Carfentrazone and bromoxynil are contact and benefit from higher water volumes and medium to coarse spray qualities. So what do you choose when they're tank mixed?


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