Sprouted canola seed — grading guide

Harvest and Storage

September 4, 2014 - Issue 22

Sprouted canola seed.

Sprouted canola seed.

Sprouted canola seed.

Sprouted canola seed.

Excess moisture has caused some canola to sprout inside pods. There is not much growers can do to avoid this, and combining early is not an option — given the storage risk.

Sprouted seed is categorized as “damaged” seed, which is a grading factor. No.1 canola can have a maximum 5% damaged seed. No.2 can have up to 12% damaged seed. No.3 can have up to 25% damaged.

Elevators will also check samples with high levels of sprouted seed for oil content and free fatty acids.

The Canadian Grain Commission’s Official Grain Grading Guide, which you can read online, defines sprouted canola as those seeds having a ruptured seed coat in combination with either a rootlet that protrudes beyond the normal contour of the seed or distinct swelling of the seed.  Seeds having a ruptured seed coat that are otherwise sound are only considered sprouted when found in combination with seeds meeting the definition of sprouted.

Damaged seed includes canola seeds that are: Distinctly shrunken or shriveled; badly discoloured from mould; completely and densely covered with rime; excessively weathered, sprouted, tan coloured, distinctly green, heated, insect damaged or otherwise damaged.

Send us a “Follow up” if you have practical solutions to prevent sprouting or to remove sprouted seeds from canola.

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