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  • Fall weed control and frost

    frost on dandelion

    The onset of lower temperatures and shortened days in the fall trigger perennials such as Canada thistle, dandelion and quack grass to start moving sugars to below-ground tissues. Winter annuals and biennial are also doing this, but they don’t need a temperature trigger. Spraying these weeds in fall takes advantage of this downward flow into the below ground buds on the crown or creeping roots of perennials, providing better control for next year.


  • Fall weed control: Tips

    Check which weeds are present in fields planned for canola in 2013. Fall is a good time to clean up winter annuals, such as cleavers (shown), that could be harder to control next spring.

    Growers planning post harvest weed control to clean up fields planned for canola in 2014, take these steps for improved control and to avoid herbicide carryover damage in canola.


  • Fall weed control: Tips for fields planned for canola in 2013

    Fall weed control is an effective way to clean up cereal fields for canola next year, especially if cleavers, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, dandelions and other tough weeds are present and actively growing. Be sure to use a herbicide that can be applied ahead of canola.


  • Control weeds early and save yield

    Even if growers don’t expect to seed any time soon, they may want to consider a pre-seed burnoff now to get weeds at smaller stages and before they draw down moisture and nutrients that their canola crops will need. Products registered for use ahead of canola are CleanStart, Amitrol 240 and glyphosate.


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