Tank mix options for pre-seed burnoff

March 2, 2018 - Issue 3

Tank mixing is an important step in preventing herbicide resistance in weeds, and the pre-seed window is a good opportunity to use a tank mix rather than just straight glyphosate. Tank mix options for glyphosate ahead of canola are:

–Aim/CleanStart (carfentrazone)
–Conquer (bromoxynil and carfentrazone)

Monsanto’s “Customized advice to help you outsmart weeds” provides three steps to use herbicides more effectively. They are:

1. Know the truth about resistance and how it develops. Relying on one mode of action can select for weeds within a population that are more tolerant or even resistant to that mode of action. Continued use of that mode of action without a tank mix will allow those weeds to flourish. The booklet cites research from Beckie and Reboud which found that tank mixes can be more effective than alternating single-mode applications to manage herbicide resistance

2. Spice up your mix. Tank mix at least once per growing season. The booklet recommends you take advantage of pre-seed options to add tank mixes to glyphosate. Read this Canola Watch article for more on tank mix options ahead of canola.

3. Diversify your crop rotation. The booklet says: “Grow three or more crops in your rotation. It can help break cycles of disease, insects and weeds and give you more herbicide options.”

Information from the booklet is available online at monsantocms.ca. It includes tank mix suggestions to incorporate more herbicide groups use across the whole rotation.

While obviously too early to spray in March, this is a good time to plan tank mixes and check with retails to make sure they have the products you want.

Canola Watch